class descriptions

Ballet Technique*

This class is a traditional ballet class designed to build core fundamentals for Ballet. Since ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance, all dancers will benefit from proper technique training, strengthening, and flexibility building exercises.  This class is recommended for all students, especially in conjunction with all other ballet classes.


Ballet 1*

Ages 7 and up

This class is less strict than the Ballet Technique class, but still offers ballet training. There will be 2 recital dances choreographed for the end of year recital. Prior ballet is recommended. 



A specific form of ballet training with the use of Pointe shoes. All dancers must be invited via the instructors discretion to join this class and start training with Pointe shoes. Dancers must be at least 10 years of age and have the proper technique. It is required that all dancers attending Pointe also attend at least one ballet technique class each week.


Ballet/Hoppin' Jazz/Tap

Ages 3 – 5

This class will introduce little ones to creative movement and the basics of dance technique. Exercises, stretches, and activities are designed to spark the imagination and develop the dynamics and motor skills necessary to grow and advance through dance.



Ages 5 - 7

A combination of ballet, jazz, and tap. With 20 minutes dedicated to each style, students will experience barre warm ups, turns and leaps across the floor, and basics of tap footwork. Students will develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and rhythm.


Jazz/Tap I

Ages 6 - 12

This class is designed for students to develop a strong background in jazz and tap, two very common dance styles in the professional world.  With 30 minutes dedicated to each style, students will continue to develop versatility, strength, flexibility, and rhythm. They will also be introduced to more challenging choreography and formations, developing stage presence and teamwork.  



Lyrical is a mix between ballet, contemporary and jazz where the main focus is to target movements to express the lyrics of the songs.

*Must have had 3+ years of ballet or a dance form equivalent to lyrical.


Musical Theatre

The integration of singing, acting, dancing - students will learn the basics of each discipline: Singing - Students will be given the tools to develop proper placement, pitch, and control.   Acting - Students will learn character development, and incorporate emotional interpretation with their dancing Dancing - Students will learn basic steps and combinations in the style ma of Broadway musicals Attire : Form Fitted Clothing & Character Shoes (when required) Jazz Shoes or Sneakers

Theatrical Teens I (Ages 10-14)*

Theatrical Teens II (Ages 15-17)*

Advanced Theater for Adults (Ages 18+)*


Hip Hop I*

Ages 5-13

This class show students the basics of hip hop along with some beginner to intermediate choreography with a mix of music from the early stages of hip hop beats all the way to today's current hits. This class is a great place to start if you have never taken a Hip Hop class.


Hip Hop II*

Age is upon teacher discretion

This class is structured for students who have taken at least a basic Hip Hop class. The pace of the class is a little faster than Hip Hop I and students are expected to learn intermediate/advanced choreography as well as work on their performance skills. Hip Hop II music is a range of music from the early 2000's to today's current hits.


LGDA Step Team

(Age doesn't apply, skill does)

Stepping or Step-Dancing is a form of percussive dance in which the participant's entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Though stepping may be performed by an individual, it is generally performed by groups of three or more, often in arrangements that resemble military formations. The tradition of stepping is rooted within the competitive schoolyard song and dance rituals practiced by historically African American fraternities and sororities, beginning in the mid-1900s. Music is at a mature level. 


Hip Hop Grooves & Choreo*

(Advanced Beginners Intro to Hip Hop Class)

This will be an Open Class for all ages and skill levels. Instructor will break down most styles of hip hop from Locking, Krump, Foot Work, Street Jazz dynamics, etc. for half of the class. He will conclude the last half of the class by teaching a couple of 8 counts of intricate choreography. However, the class will be structured as a groove class that will drill the same moves numerous times and can also serve as a very cardio intense workout. 

Salsa Kids

This course introduces kids to the fundamentals of the dance.  This includes understanding the structure of the music to enable them to dance on time, the basic step, side step, back step, right turn and cross body lead.  

Ages 6 - 12

adult classes

(adult classes are for ages 17 and up unless otherwise posted)


This class will go over general ballet technique through barre work, as well as center-floor. Dancers will learn choreography for the recital. Recital performance is not mandatory. No prior ballet is required for this class. All dancers must wear split-sole ballet slippers.

Heels & Hips

ATTENTION LADIES: Looking for a confidence booster? This class is for all you ladies out there looking to get a nice work out, learn some awesome routines and feel sexy while doing it! With a fuse of R&B and Hip Hop music, this class is full of fierce, sassy and sexy routines.  We are the ONLY dance studio in Bayonne that offer a Heels class for women! Music and Choreography are at a mature level.

Ages 16+ (or upon approval of Instructor)


Adult Tap I*

Ages 12+

Entry level class designed to learn basics of tap technique, develop coordination, and have a great time! Students will be introduced to common tap phrases such as time steps, cramp rolls, buffalos, and more. 

*Tap shoes required


Adult Tap II*

Ages 12+

Intermediate adult tap class designed to expand tap technique and have a great time! Students will be challenged with a variety of rhythms and tempos, while enhancing stamina and artistic expression. 

*Tap shoes required



This is a dance form tracing as far back as ancient Egypt. Bellydancing emphasizes controlled movements from the torso to the hips in addition to articulated isolations, undulations and emotional expressions.

Buti Yoga

BUTI Yoga is not just a practice, it's a movement that fuses power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, and DEEP abdominal toning to create a high intensity experience that will leave you hooked. BUTI will be the most fun you ever had working out, and your abs will prove it.   

Buti is unlike any other movement method you’ve met. This is one workout that changes your life just as much internally as externally.


Salsa On "2"

This course focuses on the fundamentals of the dance to provide a comprehensive introduction to salsa.  This includes understanding the structure of the music to enable you to dance on time, the basic step, side step, back step, right turn and cross body lead.  It also focuses on how to dance with the proper posture, balance and control.  Once that foundation is built, the class will incorporate additional solo footwork, which are called “shines” and additional partner work to apply the fundamental concepts to more complicated moves.  These classes will help you enjoy the music, dance in unison with your partner and learn something new every class.

 Beginner Bachata

Ages 15 and up (younger ages upon instructor's discretion)

Bachata is a type of music that originated in the Dominican Republic. This class covers the basic steps danced to this popular music and introduces basic partner work combinations as the class progresses.


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